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Burgeson’s Heating and Air Conditioning Named HERO Contractor of the Month for November 2015

By Your Comfort Advisor 10/30/15 9:30 PM Time to read:

In 2011, Renovate America created the HERO (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity) program in an attempt to provide innovative new financing solutions that help save energy, lower utility bills, reduce emissions, create new jobs and increase property values.  HERO provides low, fixed interest rate financing for eligible energy efficient, water efficient, and renewable energy products.  This innovative new financing vehicle enables home owners to pay down this loan via their property taxes.

With great honor and appreciation, we at Burgeson’s are proud to announce that we have been named the HERO contractor of the month for November 2015.  We look forward to providing state of the art heating and air conditioning solutions to our friends and neighbors through the HERO program.  The following is a Q & A that provides insight into our company as well as our involvement in the HERO program:

  1. Why did you decide to become a HERO Registered Contractor?

It has allowed us to be able to provide more benefits to our customers.

  1. What benefits has your team seen from joining the HERO Program?

We have increased our sales by at least 25% since getting involved with the HERO Program.

Due to HERO’s much easier approval process, we are able to offer financing to those previously unable to qualify for traditional financing.

  1. How long have you been in business? Who started the company, and what drove him to do so?

Elgar Burgeson started Burgeson’s Heating and Air Conditioning on January, 2 1949. He started out in the sheet metal trade in the 1930’s. After moving to California in the 1940’s he decided that it was time to venture out on his own. He opened Burgeson’s with a dedication to quality, honesty, integrity, hard work and above all caring about the customer’s needs. He soon built a strong reputation in Redlands and the Inland Empire for his pride in workmanship and high standard of business ethics. After 67 years and three generations we are proud to be continuing his legacy and living up to his standards year after year.

  1. How does your company differentiate itself from other contractors providing similar services?

At Burgeson’s Heating & Air Conditioning we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the most efficient equipment at a fair price.

  1. What motto do you live by?

Our motto has always been “Your Comfort is our Business”.

  1. How do your customers react when they learn they can use HERO, and how satisfied do they seem overall with the program?

Too often they have read or are given misinformation. Once they are re-educated properly about the program they are quite often relieved that they have options.

  1. Any favorite story of a customer who used HERO?

The ones that we feel the best about coming through for are the customers who are on limited incomes. They typically can’t afford a new install, nor can they qualify for loans through traditional financing channels. HERO is usually their only option and we are as relieved as they are when we are able to offer it to them as a solution.

  1. Do you have a tip for homeowners having to do with plumbing, heating, and/or air?

Research, Research, Research… Do your due diligence. Research your contractor. Be aware of the model, brand and size of the equipment that is being offered when you compare estimates.

  1. Where does your company service?

Burgeson’s likes to say, “We service the Inland Empire and beyond”.   “Beyond” has been as far Ridgecrest, Santa Barbara, Long Beach, Indio and San Diego when requested.

HERO - Making Energy Efficiency Affordable

  • Instant Approvals                                       
  • No Credit Score Requirements
  • Zero Down Payment                                      
  • Payments are Tax Deductible
  • 100% Installed Cost Is Financed                  
  • Payments Made With Property Taxes

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