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Best Air Filter to Improve Brain Function

By Your Comfort Advisor 8/4/16 9:00 AM Time to read:

Anyone that has been around a campfire or charcoal grill knows that inhaling smoke hurts. It burns the lungs and airways. But have you thought about what it’s doing to your brain? We spend 90% of our life indoors. Chances are that without proper ventilation and a good air filter, your brain may not be getting what it needs to function at optimum capacity.

Poor air quality = unhealthy brain

The interest in the effects of air quality on brain function is growing. A study conducted by USC has determined that those living in areas of high particulate exposure have nerve fibers in the brain that age at a more rapid rate. A separate study conducted jointly by Harvard University and UNC-Chapel Hill shows that there is a connection between elevated ozone levels and reduced attention spans.

Even more concerning is research by Columbia University that connects exposure to hydrocarbons in utero to lower IQs in children. Let’s stop on that for a second. The air that an expecting mother breathes has the ability to lessen the IQ of her unborn child.

The effects of air pollution are no laughing matter, but it simply isn’t feasible to move to the country where the air is cleaner. In this case, what is an urban or suburban-dwelling person to do?

Is indoor air polluted?

While some experts claim that the best plan of action is simply to stay indoors, others disagree. Staying indoors can keep you from heavy particulate matter, such as smog, but what about building materials and chemical cleaners? What about CO2?

Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas. In fact, every time you breathe out, you are contributing to the CO2 in the room. High levels of carbon dioxide can negatively affect cognitive function. Therefore, if you are in a poorly ventilated office with ten other people, you could be experiencing a higher than normal levels of CO2.

One option available to encourage optimal brain function is to invest in a well-designed ventilation, filtration, and purification system including high MERV filtration and germicidal UV lights. The ventilation system will circulate air outside in and vice versa so that the office environment always stays fresh. The filtration system works with the ventilation system to ensure that the air coming from outdoors and circulating within the indoor environment is free from particulate matter. The purification system comes equipped with purifying UV-light to limit the spread of pathogens as indoor air circulates within your home or office through the duct system.

If you care about your health, the health of your family and the productivity of your coworkers, it may be worth looking into what type of ventilation, filtration, and purification system you have in your home or office.