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Enjoy 5-Star Service On Your Electrical Panel Upgrade

Have plans to replace an old electrical panel? Turn to the licensed pros at Burgeson's and enjoy friendly service as well as honest and upfront pricing on electrical panel upgrades. Our electricians have installed dozens of panels in homes and businesses across the Inland Empire and can have a quote for the work in your hand as soon as today.

  • Free estimates. Our electricians will let you know what you'll pay before any work is done. No surprises here.
  • Prepare your home for solar. We can make any home's electrical panel "solar ready."
  • Excellence in service & skill. As seen by our 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.
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$0 Down + 100% Financing Available

Affordable Monthly Payments. Restrictions may apply.

What to Expect from Your Estimate

1. A seamless scheduling process and appointment reminders

When you're ready to schedule a visit from one of our licensed experts, simply call us at 909-792-2222 or request an appointment online. We have some of the fastest response times in the Inland Empire and may have spots available as early as today! Our customers receive courtesy reminder calls before their service visit, so we've got you covered even if you forget your appointment.

2. A professional panel installation by an experienced electrician

Burgeson's employs some of the most highly qualified professionals in Redlands and across the Inland Empire. Our electrician will assess your electrical system and determine what type of electrical panel best suits your home and needs. Most upgrades take just one day to complete, including any trenching and rewiring that needs to be done.

3. A pledge that you'll be satisfied with your panel upgrade

Our electrician will explain how everything will be installed and give you suggestions for any further electrical repairs that may be recommended to ensure that your home is safe and meets electrical code requirements. Burgeson's offers a Better Than We Found It Guarantee on all electrical panel upgrades. That guarantee promises a professional cleaning of your home if we don't leave it in better shape than how we found it.

What's Included with Your Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Every Burgeson's electrical panel upgrade includes:

  • Permitting and inspection fees: Our team takes care of any state and local permitting issues, so you don't have to.
  • Bonding and grounding: Your panel upgrade includes critical services like bonding your gas and water lines with a properly sized ground wire to ensure the safest possible installation.
  • All installation materials: Your quote includes all the materials for the job, including the new panel, new wiring, and everything else necessary for the panel to operate.
  • Trenching: Some panel upgrades call for trenching services. We can dig the necessary trench and refill it after the job is complete.

How Much Does an Electrical Panel Upgrade Cost?

Wondering how much it costs to upgrade an electrical panel in Redlands and the Inland Empire area? There is not an easy answer to this question. Costs vary substantially from project to project. The best way to get a ballpark idea of the cost for your project is to contact an electrical advisor and answer a few questions about your needs and property. The ideal way to get a specific estimate is to make an appointment with an electrical advisor to come to your home. Burgeson's offers free in-home estimates and will be able to give you a much more precise price for your panel upgrade in person.

Factors that will affect the cost of your electrical panel upgrade include:

  1. Panel amperage. Many panels in older homes have amperage maximums of around 50 to 100 amps. The newest panels however go up to 200+ amps. If you want to take advantage of more high-powered appliances in your home, you'll want a panel that can handle it. A pro from Burgeson's can help you determine how much amperage your new panel will need.

  2. Panel space for circuits. Depending on your home's electrical requirements you may need additional circuit spaces for additional circuits. Your new panel will need to have sufficient space for whatever appliances you currently have or may want to add in the future (i.e. electric cooking appliances, EV chargers, hot tub &/or additional HVAC equipment). Electrical panels with space for more circuits are more expensive.

  3. Panel relocation. It may be necessary to request a meter location approval from your local electric utility company to ensure your upgraded panel can be installed in the same location. If your original meter location no longer meets city code regulations, this may result in the need to relocate your panel to a safer location. Moving the meter/panel's location can incur additional labor charges.



"I have used Burgeson for home service needs in the past. I recently used them for electrical services as well. They are professional, responsive, and on time. I would recommend their HVAC and electrical services without hesitation."
Michael H.

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