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Protect Your Family and Home with Cleaner, Healthier Water

Our whole-home water conditioning systems give Southern California homeowners the cleanest water possible. The system's carbon-based filtering prevents chlorine damage and mineral scaling in tap water. On top of these benefits, the system offers:

  • A maintenance-free system
  • A solid 10-year warranty
  • No-salt, no-pollution, no "slimy" water
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Whole-Home Water Filtration System Save $500

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How it works

1.Request a free estimate.

Call us or request an appointment online for a free estimate to install your whole-home water conditioning system. We'll work with you to schedule your free estimate on a day and time that works best for you. We'll also provide a free water quality test so that you can see the specific contaminants in your home's water.

2.Get upfront pricing & insight into your home's water quality.

One of our plumbers will inspect your home and chat with you about your water quality needs. Once, they have a better understanding of your needs and current plumbing fixtures, they'll explain the benefits of going with a system and ensure the system you get is sized correctly for your needs.

If you have questions or concerns about the options presented, just ask our plumbers. They're extremely knowledgeable and you can always expect honest advice. They won't try to sell you something that won't benefit you in the long run.

3.Go about your day while we install your whole-home water conditioning system.

On the day of your water conditioning system installation, we'll show up on time and with all the equipment needed to get the job done in one visit. Our installation crew typically needs at least 4 to 6 hours to complete the installation.

Not sure if you'll be home when our team is scheduled to arrive? No problem. Just provide our team with instructions ahead of time on how to enter your home and we'll get started.

Our installation team always wear shoe covers, place drop cloths and will vacuum when they're done. Plus, we back each whole-home water conditioning system installation with a 1-year labor warranty and a 1 to 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

Benefits of A water conditioning system 

  • Cleaner, healthier water.

The conditioning system effectively removes a wide range of pollutants and chemicals found in most Southern California water, such as: Chlorine, chloramines, gases, dyes, fuels, heavy metals, man-made pollutants, disinfectants, pesticides, TTHM, sodium hypochlorite and volatile organic contaminants.

  • Better, fresher-tasting water.

The filtration & condition system uses HAC (high activity carbon) to provide a high "polish" to your drinking water. This material filters out chlorine as well as any fine particles, undesirable odors & tastes from your home's tap water so that only clean and fresh-tasting water is left behind.

  • Extended lifespan for plumbing appliances.

The water conditioning system is designed to alter the chemical makeup of dissolved calcium and magnesium in your tap water. This prevents hard water minerals from attacking, corroding and damaging pipes and other plumbing appliances in your home.

  • No salt and no pollution.

 Unlike traditional water softeners, the water conditioning system does not use any salt and therefore is not considered harmful to the environment. Traditional water softeners expel large amounts of sodium chloride into local waterways, which creates a toxic environment for fish and other aquatic life. In fact, many homeowners associations have banned the use of such systems. The system, however, does not expel contaminants into the public water system.

How much does a whole-home water conditioning system cost in the redlands area?

The cost to have a whole-home water filtration system installed in your home can range anywhere from $3,600 to $8,000, with the average price being around $4,799.

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Ultimately, the price you'll pay to install a whole-home water conditioning system will vary based on:

  • The kind of water conditioning system you choose.

Not all water filtration & conditioning systems are made equally. Water softeners can vary in quality and features available, and therefore they also vary in price. Typically, the higher-quality models cost more than others. To ensure you're getting the model you need, make sure you have a professional test your water quality and match you with a system that can filter out the contaminants you're most concerned with.

  • The size/capacity of the system.

Whole-house water filtration and conditioning systems are sized by how many gallons of water per minute (gpm) they can filter. Typically, the higher the capacity of the system, the more the system costs. A professional can inspect your home's plumbing system and your water usage to determine what size system you need.

  • The professional you choose to install the system.

Not all plumbers charge the same for their services—more experienced plumbers will typically charge more than those with less experience and less training. However, when it comes to installing a whole-house water filter, you get what you pay for. If you opt for an experienced plumber, you’ll get a high-quality installation that will save you money in the long run. Plus, you can rest assured that a higher-quality plumber will be there to help if your system has issues later on.


Everything about my service from start to finish was excellent. Ryan was just wonderful. I always recommend Burgeson’s for the air conditioning and I will now recommend Burgeson’s for plumbing.
Tom P. | Yucaipa Homeowner

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