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Enjoy 5-Star Electrical Service For Your Upcoming Residential Rewiring Project

Rewiring an older home poses unique challenges that only a highly skilled electrician should perform. The good news is the electricians at Burgeson's are well-trained, experienced, and have great reputations as electrical contractors in Redlands and surrounding areas. In fact, Burgeson's completes dozens of residential electrical rewiring projects every year and promises quality workmanship, strong guarantees, and the best customer service in the Inland Empire.

  • Honest, upfront pricing. Our electricians will let you know what you'll pay before any work is done. No surprises here.
  • Our "Better Than We Found It" Guarantee. If we don't leave your home in better shape, we'll have it professionally cleaned.
  • Excellence in service & skill. As seen by our 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.



Get 26% Solar Federal Tax Credit

You can get 26% of your solar system cost back via the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) through 2021.

Getting Started

Are you considering a whole-home or partial-home rewiring? Burgeson's is here to help with free in-home estimates and expert advice from highly-trained professionals.


What Are the Benefits of Rewiring Your Home?

  • Safety: Some of California's oldest homes still rely on knob-and-tube wiring. This form of wiring is a significant fire hazard and replacing it should be a top priority.
  • Power: For homes built in the 1950s or early 1960s, the amount of amperage that can move through the existing wiring is simply not enough to power most modern appliances. New wiring can resolve this if you're constantly dealing with faulty circuit breakers or other electrical issues.
  • Insurance: Particularly old wiring, namely knob-and-tube, is a substantial burden to insure. In some cases, home insurance companies may not insure you at all! New wiring can significantly reduce home insurance costs.
  • Increased Home Value: Last but not least, installing new wiring shouldn't be considered an expense, but an investment in your home.

What to expect when you install with Burgeson's

1. Schedule your free estimate.

Burgeson's is a great place to start your rewiring journey. We offer free in-home estimates by highly trained electricians. You can count on Burgeson's to give you an honest and upfront price for the work and answer all of your questions along the way. All you have to do to get started is give us a call at 909-792-2222 or request an appointment online.

2. Get upfront pricing and apply for financing upon request.

Every home is different, as are the needs of every homeowner. Your electrical professional is here to give you an experience that's tailored to the needs of your home, family, and budget. During your estimate, we'll review your home's amperage needs, assess the existing wiring, and make sure you're in the loop when it comes to the time frame required to complete the job. If you'd like, we offer excellent financing options.

3. Get high-quality work and 100% satisfaction.

Both before and during your service visit, our electricians will identify the best locations to run your new wiring. The goal is to minimize the need for drywall repair and keep your home as beautiful as ever. And all of our electricians wear shoe covers and lay down drop cloths to protect your home from debris. Your home is always left cleaner than how we found it. In fact, we guarantee it with our "Better Than We Found It Guarantee."


What's the cost of an electrical rewiring in Redlands and the Inland Empire?

The cost of rewiring an entire residential property varies considerably based on a wide array of factors. Each home has its own set of completely unique needs. At Burgeson's, our whole-home rewiring customers have paid between $15,000 and $35,000.

Some of the main cost factors that go into rewiring a home include:

  • Installing a new electrical panel: Brand new wiring doesn't always call for a new electrical panel, but there's a good chance it will. And in any case, you can't take full advantage of new wiring without an updated panel to go along with it! Electrical panels have their own cost factors that come into play, including the panel's amperage, the need to move the panel for any particular reason, and any related digging or code requirements.

  • The needs of the home: When an electrical contractor is preparing their estimate, one of their first tasks is to take into consideration the number of circuits, electrical devices, and amount of wiring that will be required. At Burgeson's, our goal is to determine the best price possible for your rewiring project. And there may be cases where a home's floor plan makes removing and installing wiring easier (and thus more affordable to you!)


"They were on time, quick, professional, and really great in providing us with step-by-step updates. They were on time each day of their scheduled days. Our representative was incredible and even after the work was done, he continues to be helpful and patient with any questions we have. We plan on using them when it comes time to install solar too."
Nikki L.

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