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Resolve Plumbing Issues Before They Become Emergency Repairs

Keeping your home in order is challenging enough without surprise plumbing repairs. So, why not resolve hidden issues on your terms by scheduling a preventative maintenance check with Burgeson's? We'll send an experienced and highly-trained plumber to review and test all of your home's critical plumbing systems. That way, you can head off most problems before they become troublesome repairs, saving you both time and money. Our plumbing maintenance helps:

  • Extend the life of your plumbing systems
  • Prevent repairs and breakdowns


Request maintenance

PLumbing Main

What's included in our plumbing maintenance service?

Burgeson's has pulled out all the stops to give our customers the most comprehensive plumbing tune-up in the Redlands area. See our maintenance checklist below for a comprehensive list of services that are completed during every maintenance visit.

Plumbing Service Includes:

  • Drain and flush water heater
  • Check water pressure
  • Check for visible leaks and visible signs of corrosion
  • Clean / Clear bathroom and kitchen faucet aerators
  • Inspect plumbing fixtures for proper operation (sinks, toilets, etc.)
  • Perform earthquake safety inspection
  • Check emergency shut off valves for proper function
  • Perform dye tests and leak inspections for toilets and bathroom sinks
  • Check hose bibs for leaks and proper function
  • Perform shower test and inspection
  • Check kitchen sink, faucet and water supply for leaks and proper function
  • Check for gas leaks at water heater
  • Clean air intake screens for tankless water heaters (when applicable)
  • Test elements in electric water heaters for proper function
  • Check for proper drain cleanouts
  • Visually inspect water heater flue, vent and cap
  • Check water heater error code history (if possible)

*Customer is responsible for safe and timely access. Burgeson's is not responsible for inaccessible plumbing.



Our team performs maintenance services on most plumbing systems in residential and commercial properties, including:

  • Standard, Tankless and Heat Pump water heaters
  • Drains and sewer line systems
  • Water Conditioning Systems
  • And more!

Plumbing Service Agreement Benefits

  • 1 Plumbing maintenance service (scheduled between 8am-5pm, Monday - Friday at service address) *excludes portable generators
  • 15% discount on Plumbing repairs
  • No trip charges for equipment covered by contract*
  • All after-hours and holiday rates waived
  • Lifetime warranty of parts replaced on a paid invoice**
  • Up to 10% loyalty credit towards a new Plumbing system installation***


All benefits are contingent on the continued annual renewal of your Burgeson’s Preferred Membership. Agreement invalid if not accepted within 90 days. Payment due prior to 1st scheduled appointment. Agreement will auto renew 12 months from date of original acceptance unless a 30 day notice of cancellation is received. Membership is nonrefundable and nontransferable.


*Restrictions may apply. **Exclusions apply to: re-drains, re-pipes, tankless water heaters, standard water heaters, water filtration, water conditioning or softening cartridges, anode rods, complete plumbing system replacement, drain cleaning, hydro-jetting or damage caused by power surges, flood, fire, earthquake, negligence and/or riot. Lifetime warranty void if consecutive membership is not maintained and/or covered equipment is serviced or repaired by anyone other than a Burgeson’s technician. ***With each consecutive year of paid Burgeson’s Preferred Membership earn a 2% discount (up to 10% total) off of a total proposed system cost (not to be combined with other offers).

Burgeson's Preferred Membership Your Way

BP Your Way is a maintenance program tailored for all your home’s service needs. Offering single and multi-service memberships, it ensures your home is maintained for optimal comfort. 

Combine MEMBERSHIPS across divisions and SAVE!

  • Combine with 1 additional BP membership - 10% discount off of each
  • Combined with 2 or more additional BP memberships - 15% discount off of each