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Solar Panel Installation in Redlands, Inland Empire & Beyond

Slash Your Energy Bills & Go Green with Our Solar Panel Services

Ready for clean, renewable energy and lower electricity bills? Burgeson's can make it happen.

We offer solar panel system design and installation for residential and commercial properties. Plus, we can provide state-of-the-art monitoring devices that allow you to see real-time energy production levels, right from your phone.

Solar Installation

Save up to $1500 + 30% in Tax Credits

$0 Down + Excellent 100% Financing Available. Monthly Payments As Low As $249/mo. Some restrictions may apply.

How it works

1. Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

Call us or request an appointment online for a free solar panel consultation and installation estimate. We'll work with you to schedule your free estimate on a day and time that works best for you.

2. Get free advice and a written estimate.

On the day of your consultation, your solar specialist will speak with you about your energy needs and inspect your roof to determine how much peak sunlight it gets. He'll also determine how many solar panels you'll need to generate enough energy for your home.

After inspecting your home/roof, he'll provide a written estimate for how much your solar panel installation project will cost. If you decide to move forward with the project, we'll get it scheduled as soon as possible.

3. Let us handle the permits for you.

Before any solar installation, we will apply for and file all necessary permits and paperwork for you.

4. Relax while our team installs your panels.

On the day of your solar panel installation, your install team should arrive around 8:30–9:30am. They'll usually need at least 2-3 days to complete the job.

When the project is complete, our team will test the system for proper operation. Then we'll teach you how to use and monitor the system using any smart device.

5. Enjoy long-term savings.

You'll notice dramatic savings on your monthly energy bills right away—and every month thereafter!

Why install solar panels on your home?

More and more homeowners in Redlands and the Inland Empire are turning to solar panel energy for: 

  • Lower energy bills
  • Tax breaks
  • A clean, renewable source of energy
  • An environmentally-friendly energy source
  • Reliable power through planned/unplanned power outages
  • Increased home value
  • And so much more...

How much does it cost to install solar panels in the Redlands area?

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 8.11.38 AM

The price to install solar panels in the Redlands and Inland Empire area typically ranges from $3 to $4 per watt but can be as high as $5 per watt.

Keep in mind that homeowners who install a solar panel system typically save $10,000 to $30,000+ in energy bills* over the lifetime of the system.

The upfront cost of a solar panel installation project can vary depending on:

  • The number of panels needed.
The more panels needed, the more the overall cost of your project. The amount of panels needed is determined by your home's electrical needs, the amount of sunlight your roof gets and more.


  • Whether or not your electrical panel needs to be upgraded.
All solar panel systems need an "inverter", which converts DC current from your panels into ready-to-use AC current that your appliances can use. This inverter must connect to your home's main electrical panel. However, if there's no space for it your installer may need to upgrade the panel or install a sub-panel, both of which increase the overall cost.


  • The equipment (brand & type) that's installed. 
Different solar panel brands come with different prices. Additionally, if your system includes a monitoring device, the cost will increase. Keep in mind, though, that a monitoring device can save you money in the long run by alerting you in real-time if your solar panel system stops working or suddenly becomes less efficient.


  • Available rebates and solar discounts. 

The overall cost of your solar panel installation will be lower if you qualify for certain rebates and solar discounts. For example, California homeowners qualify for a 30% tax credit through the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Other solar discounts might include local rebates and more.

*Numbers provided by EnergySage.com.

Request free solar consultation

Why choose Burgeson's for your solar panel installation?

Burgeson's stands behind our products. We have a reputation for honesty, trustworthiness and excellence—and you can rely on that reputation when you choose us for your solar project.

Many solar companies have the reputation of popping up and then disappearing, leaving their customers out in the cold with no one to contact when they have issues. That's not the kind of service Burgeson's provides. Burgeson's is a three generational, family-owned company that offers various services. While we are new to the Solar trade, we have been in the HVAC business since 1949 and we do not plan on going anywhere.


Our Solar Panel System installation was great! Burgeson’s not only designed it, they pulled and paid for all the legal permits. They showed up on time, with all of the necessary equipment and tools and got right to work. The installation technicians worked well together with impressive professionalism. The work area was kept tidy throughout the entire process. When the job was completed we were provided with complete, hands on instructions on how to use the solar monitoring system and how to upload the app and utilize it from our smartphones. We highly recommend Burgeson’s for Solar and all of the other services they provide.
Paul S. & Cory H.

Ready to save big with a solar panel system?