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Want A Zoned HVAC System? Choose The Pros Who Put You First

If you want to be able to enjoy multiple temperature zones within your home, a zoning system is a great option for you. However, properly zoning your home is a complicated job, so you'll want assurance that your contractor has the experience and expertise to recommend the right set up and install it correctly. At Burgeson's, all of our HVAC technicians are highly experienced and well-trained, so no matter how simple or complex your zoning system installation is, you can rest assured that our techs will execute it seamlessly.

  • Honest, upfront pricing. Our technicians will let you know exactly what you'll pay before any work is done. No surprises here.
  • Better Than We Found It Guarantee. If we don't leave your home in better shape than how we found it, we'll have it professionally cleaned.

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How it works

1.Schedule a free estimate.

Call us or request an appointment online for a free zoning system installation estimate. We'll do our very best to find a time in the near future that works for you.

2.Get options based on your budget and zoning preferences.

When we arrive at your home, one of our Design Specialists will inspect your home and current system. They'll also speak with you about your zoning preferences and budget to determine the very best option for you, your home and your heating/cooling needs.

You can always trust Burgeson's to provide you with informed and honest recommendations that are truly in your best interest.

3. Go about your day while we install your zoning system.

On the day of your zoning installation, our installation crew will usually arrive around 8:30–9:30 am. We typically need around  8-16 hours to complete the job; however, depending on how many zones you've selected and the equipment needed, the job may take longer.

Once we're finished installing your zoning system, one of our Installation Supervisors will inspect your system to ensure it's working perfectly and that everything is installed correctly. Plus, we'll ensure your home is clean before we leave. All of our installers wear shoe covers, lay down drop cloths and vacuum the area after the installation is complete.

Benefits of installing a zoning system 

  • Energy-savings- Zones allow you to heat and/or cool some areas of your home while saving energy (and therefore money) heating or cooling other areas of your home that aren't used as often. Some zoning systems can even provide energy savings of up to 35%*.
  • Accommodates multiple temperatures- Zoning allows you to have different temperatures throughout your home at the same time, rather than choosing one temperature for your entire home. This way, if you have family members than prefer it colder or warmer than you do, you can accommodate different temperature preferences at the same time.

*Source: U.S. Department of Energy statistics

Cost of a zoning system installation:

Wondering how much it costs to install zoning in Redlands and the Inland Empire area? Prices in our area typically fall within these ranges:

  • With new duct-work system installation $2500-$5500
  • Modifications to existing duct-work systems $3500-$6500

Factors that will affect the cost of your zoning system installation include:

  1. The number of zones- The cost of your zoning system installation will depend largely on the number of zones you want to create. The more zones you want, the more expensive the service will be.
  2. The complexity of duct installation and/or modifications- Re-purposing or modifying existing duct-work to accommodate for zoning is generally more expensive than installing duct-work for the first time. Modifying duct-work to accommodate different zones is pretty complicated, and can add a significant amount of time, which increases the cost of labor.
  3. The equipment used- A zoned system can be created with ductless or ducted indoor units (or both). The cost of equipment needed will completely depend on the state of your current system and the number of zones you want. The more indoor units you need, the more the installation will cost.
  4. Any necessary modifications- Any extra modifications that need to be made to your home to accommodate a zoning system will add to the overall cost. For example, if your home's electrical system needs to be updated to support the number of units you need, it will increase the overall cost.

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New to the idea of zoning and confused about all of the new verbiage? We can help.

Below are some terms and phrases you should know:

  • Zoning system- A system that works with your heating and cooling system allowing for customized temperature zones within one home. A zoning system is one outdoor unit connected to a network of indoor units by refrigerant lines. Each indoor unit is controlled separately, which lets you create different temperature zones throughout your home.
  • Zone- A specific, temperature-controlled area in your home. You can have up to 4 zones (per one outdoor unit) in your home depending on your preferences and budget.
  • Smart thermostat- A smart thermostat allows you to automatically set and adjust the temperature of different zones based on your schedule. For example, if you want the temperature set to 78 degrees during the day but turned down to 72 at 5:00 pm, you can program a smart thermostat to do that. Most smart thermostats have the ability to be changed remotely, so even if you're not home you can change the temperature of your home. We recommend installing smart thermostats with your zoning system.


"We removed three existing HVAC units and installed two new HVAC systems; a Lennox 5 ton and Lennox 2 ton and reconfigured ducting to have electronic dampers for two zones. The workmen arrived knowing what their job was; they were careful to protect existing surfaces and when their options they discussed with us and let us make choices. The quality of workmanship was excellent. The iComfort S30 thermostat is very smart (be sure to ask someone to help you set it up for YOU, it personalizes to your personal living). Kudos to Brent for helping me with my thermostat settings."
-Dewitt G.

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