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Heating Tips: A Guide to Safely Heating Your Home In The Winter

By Your Comfort Advisor 11/21/17 8:29 AM Time to read:

As the days start to get cooler, you’re probably preparing to turn your heating system on for the season. However, before you turn your heat on, you want to ensure your system is fully prepared to begin running again.

When certain components of your heating system sit dormant during the spring, summer, and fall, things can be slow to get started. If you don’t take the necessary steps to prepare your heating system to get up and running again, you may run into some major headaches during the cold winter months.

Properly transitioning into the winter months is important for the safety of both you and your family. To help you safely heat your home this winter, here are a few tips you should follow.

1. Turn Your System on Early

You don’t want to wait until the first freezing cold day to turn your heat on. Not only will this put an enormous amount of pressure on a system that hasn’t been fully functioning in a while, it also doesn’t give you any time to solve potential problems. Turn your system on a bit early so you can identify any issues before the first cold snap hits.

Pay close attention to the smell, sounds, and feel of your furnace and air flow. If it smells like something is burning or there are visible signs of smoke or fire, turn the system off immediately. If there are vibrations coming from your heating ducts or it sounds like the system is struggling to push air throughout the house, you’ll want to contact a technician to come and take a look.

2. Avoid Excessive Use of Space Heaters

Space heaters can be a great way to add a bit of extra heat to a room that doesn’t get proper circulation. A space heater can bring a bit of extra warmth whenever you need it. However, space heaters should never be used as a primary source of heat.

Space heaters can be extremely dangerous when used inappropriately, especially if they’re not closely monitored when running. Make sure you only use a space heater when you’re in the room it is heating. Also keep the heater at least 3 feet away from any flammable items, including things like clothing, curtains, and household decorations.

3. Keep Your Chimney Clean

If you use a fireplace to help heat your home during the winter, you need to keep your chimney properly cleaned. Not only can a blocked chimney cause your house to fill with smoke, it can also be a serious fire hazard. Before you light your fire for the first time, you want to ensure your chimney is properly maintained.

Prepare for the winter by having an inspector come in to take a look at your chimney. A properly trained inspector can help you identify any issues and get them solved before the temperature drops too low. Schedule your appointment early to ensure you get any problems fixed in time for the first frigid day.

4. Check Your CO Detector

Carbon monoxide can be a serious winter-time threat. Because you cannot smell, taste, or otherwise identify carbon monoxide without a proper detector, you may not even know it is a problem until it is too late. If your heating system is not properly venting, it may be filling your home with CO.

Before you turn your heating system on make sure you have properly placed and functioning CO detectors throughout your house and double check that they are running the way they should.

5. Schedule a Maintenance Service

Even if you think your HVAC system is running properly, it might not be. Just because you are not noticing any obvious issues, your HVAC system could be losing efficiency and costing you unnecessary money. Don’t put off your annual HVAC service and inspection because small problems could turn into big ones, shortening the lifespan of your system and turning into large repair bills down the road. The small expense of having a professional service your system will be far less expensive than purchasing a brand new unit.

When the weather starts to get colder, you want to ensure your heating and cooling system is functioning properly. To help you rest easy knowing you’re safely heating your home this winter, contact Burgeson’s Heating & Air Conditioning. Our team can help you install the right heating system for you and your family and ensure everything is functioning properly year after year.

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