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Why Whole Home Filtration is SO Much Better than your Honeywell Air Purifier

By Your Comfort Advisor 1/7/16 9:13 AM Time to read:

Do you own a portable Honeywell Air Purifier? Are you looking to buy or upgrade your air purification system? If you own a portable Honeywell air purifier, you may think it's improving your home's indoor air quality. While this may be true, there's a better and more powerful way to clean your air. Integrated home comfort system filtration is the solution. If you want to fight allergens and pollutants on a grander scale, opt for a whole home filtration system. Unclean air can lead to asthma, nasal problems, dry eyes, and more. When you're looking remove dust, pet dander, and airborne allergens from every room in your home, consider whole-house filtration systems. Since we spend a significant amount of time indoors and modern homes are often very well insulated, these pollutants can get trapped for an extended period of time without proper filtration. Here's why integrated filtration is so much better than your portable Honeywell air purifier.

Cleaning Effectiveness

Most portable Honeywell air purifiers can only improve air quality in one or two rooms at a time. Such limited cleaning coverage is one reason a whole-home integrated filtration system is a much more cost-effective investment than buying multiple portable units for every room. A whole-home filtration system cleans all air that circulates through your supply duct and back into your home. Your portable Honeywell air purifier, although useful, only removes indoor air pollutants from a limited space.

Noise Levels

When it comes to noise, central system filtration is virtually silent compared to any portable Honeywell air purifier. Portable air purifiers are noisier than whole-home filtration systems. Because integrated filters reside within your system and don't require a deafening fan unit, they purify your home's air without being seen or heard. Some portable air purifiers produce noise levels equivalent to a small vacuum cleaner and resemble a whine or hum. If you want clean air without the distractions, go with a whole home filtration system for your home.


Although a portable Honeywell air purifier seems like a small appliance, owning multiple devices can reduce the space in your home and possibly bring down overall aesthetics. Whole home filtration, on the other hand, is integrated into your household's comfort system performing all air cleaning discreetly.


You may notice that your portable Honeywell portable air purifier requires you to change filters every once in a while. If not maintained, contaminants can grow inside of the system and affect the air purification process. Integrated whole home filtration systems, on the other hand, will require you to change filters on a less frequent basis than with a portable air purifier.

Essentially, you want peace of mind when purchasing a filtration system. A filter in your central system is more effective at capturing airborne pollutants than your run-of-the-mill portable filter. If you want power and efficiency in an air-cleaning system, choose a whole home filtration system.