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Compact Heating And A/C Options For Your Home

Burgeson's offers reliable Lennox packaged units that combine heating and cooling into one self-contained system.

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A special shout out to Dustin!! We walked into the office late one morning to inquire about purchasing an A/C and heating unit - our old combo had been on its last legs for at least 3 or 4 years and died better than a month ago. We are very pleased with the units and fully expect to sign up for the preventative maintenance contract. Looking forward to a satisfying experience with Burgeson's in the future.
Larry and Nery Leas

Packaged Unit SYstems

Packaged unit systems provide all the heating and cooling capabilities for a home or building in one single "package" or unit. Usually installed on the roof or on the ground outside a home or business, packaged units require no indoor equipment to be installed. That means that each unit's compact nature makes it easy to install.

Benefits of Packaged SYstems

Packaged systems appeal to certain sectors of home and business owners for many of their advantages like the following:

Accessibility: Packaged systems are housed in a single unit, technicians only need to inspect the outside equipment, as opposed to servicing an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor evaporator and outdoor condenser unit will be packed into one cabinet for a quick and efficient inspection.

Space Saver: Home and businesses that do not have the space to house equipment indoors benefit from the compact nature of a packaged system. A package system is ideal for homes built on a crawlspace, instead of a basement.

Quiet Operation: High quality package units will come equipped with an internally mounted fan to reduce vibrations and other operating sounds that contribute to noise pollution. 

Types of Packaged Systems

Packaged Gas/Electric System: A packaged gas/electric system combines an air conditioner, coil, and a gas furnace in one single cabinet. These compact cabinets work well for people who do not have the space inside their home or building to house both an air conditioner and a gas furnace. Additionally, it gives the owner the choice to use gas for heating capabilities.

Packaged Heat Pump: For those that live in areas that rarely drop below freezing (Southern United States), packaged heat pumps provide all the essential components to heating and cooling a home. The packaged heat pump units contain a heat pump and an air handler which means all heating and cooling is powered by electricity providing many energy savings.