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Adam did such a great job. I appreciate everyone you send out because they are all very knowledgeable.

Mr. Dugan

What a wonderful outfit! When I heard that Burgeson’s was the best in this business I said, “Ok, we’ll see.”  It was a privilege watching Frank and his 2 guys work so very hard for two days to complete my complete tear out of existing equipment and install all brand new equipment in its place. No slacking even though it was so hot. They worked very, very hard to complete it on time. I was very impressed with their work ethic and would not hesitate to hire them again. Great job! Thanks to you all! Great outfit!

Tony & Dora Reyes

Installers answered all my questions, did a great job, and left the place clean.

Scott Workman

Very happy with everything Burgeson's has done. All working very well.


William & Patty Bolin

From my initial contact with rick, my entire experience was outstanding. Everyone I came in contact with were courteous and professional. Im a very, very happy customer.

Dave Palumbo

Good professional work and employees were very knowledgeable, competitively priced.

John & Jeannie Cartabiano

Workers were very efficient and courteous. We will recommend your company! Thank you for a job well done. Wish we could have had this unit a long time ago!

Curtis & Joyce Carson

We will always use Burgeson’s Heating & Air. Top quality customer service.

Brandon Walend

Absolutely great!!

Jack Kelsy

My install crew did a great job. I have dealt with several companies before for various things. But have never been as happy with any of them, as I was with Burgeson’s.

Mr. Henderson

Dear Kevin, I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to all of the team at Burgeson's, thank you very much!

Michael Hsu

I haven't had such great service in years from my first appointment with Andy to the installation everyone was great Josh took time explaining everything they cleaned up at the end of the day they respected my house, what a great team I can tell they all get along and enjoy their job.

Bobbie G

Vincent came out and installed a new simplified thermostat for me and I am so happy you sent him. He is a good tech and really nice guy.

Mrs. Gilmore

I was so happy and pleased with Ricco on my emergency service call. He repaired everything and was so kind to me. I really appreciated him and Burgeson's.

Mrs. Wilson

Rick was very helpful and prompt. Kenny and Baltizar were great quality workers. It was a pleasure doing business with all of your crew members again.

Steve Prelesnik


I wanted to let you know that Travis is really very good!He is so smart and kind. He changed my filter, gave me info on the Rheem Halo, and installed it for me. My air is so much better now! 

Mrs. Schimek

I am extremely grateful you sent Luis to fix my A/C which is now cooling my house. He was polite, efficient, caring, respectful, tidy, and wonderful.

Sandra Minnis

      We want to thank you for the excellent and professional service from Kenny and Baltazar. They were conscientious and knew exactly what they were doing at all times. We appreciate the fact that they made sure the inside and outside work areas were spotless before they left. It was great to be able to contract your services through Costco.

George Hoogeveen

I have used Burgeson’s for many years. They have always been a wonderful company to deal with. They are always friendly and professional. Their work is the best and I would be comfortable referring them to anyone.

Rick Clark

Glad we went with Burgeson’s for our A/C needs. You were very clean and did a great job!

Michael Sanchez

I wanted to rave about what a great job Josh, Chandler, Kyle, and Richard did on my install last month. On top of being very happy with the work they did, I was extremely impressed with how well they worked together and spoke to each other. I will without any doubt, refer you to anyone!


Mrs. Lawton- Claremont

Our first time purchasing an air conditioner. We got 3 bids and we picked burgesons. Andy was great and so thorough. The installers did a great job. It was perfect!! When city inspector came, thumbs up! We would definitely recommend you. Thank you so much.

Gary Marinello

We are very pleased with our new HVAC system. Performs as promised.

James Bailey

Perfect, thanks a million!

Sandra Richey

We have always been pleased with the quality of the product and work you do. That’s why we had you install both our first and hopefully last air conditioners. Thank you for a job well done!

Lynn & Sue Winter

The guys did a very good job installing and demonstrating the functions of the system to us. I would and will use Burgeson’s for future service and install needs. The installers were very professional and clean. I would also like to thank Dustin for making the job easy and convenient. Thanks

Aaron Alexander & Amber Harris

We are very pleased with our new HVAC system, performs as promised.

James Bailey

The workers went above and beyond with their work. I could not be any happier. Thank you for everything.

Yvonne Westbrook

 I was so very pleased with the service Travis gave me yesterday. I did not understand the thermostat at all. Travis stayed and walked me through it until I understood it completely. He was a very nice gentleman. Everyone that you have ever sent out to do work has been nothing but the best! Good Job Travis and Burgeson’s.

Jackie Ficarotta

Burgeson’s Rocks!!! So much less stressful then we thought it would be. Thank you so much. Our gas bill is less than half of what it was before and the house is always comfortable.

Cathy Brown

There was a power outage in my area and my A/C would not function correctly once the power was back on. As any regular American, I googled what to do, tried it, and didn’t work. I called Burgeson’s to schedule an appointment. Due to the season, Burgeson’s was very busy. The employee (Joselyn) asked what happened. We explained the situation and she gave us simple directions on how to fix it. This saved me time, money, and sweat! I’m very grateful for the information and will continue going through this company for heat/air needs.

Melissa A

I wanted to let everyone know how happy I am to have Robby and Travis at my house right now. They are installing a new wall heater and I am extremely happy that I will have heat in my house tonight! 


David Umbach

I would recommend your company for any heating or cooling project!

Don De Maio

Rico was the technician that came to my house today and I was very impressed. Nobody has ever gone to the lengths that he did while in my home. I have always liked all of my technicians in the past, but was amazed at Ricco’s professionalism and his efforts. Thank you!

Mrs. Florence Allen

I want to thank Kirsten for taking the time yesterday to speak with me. You helped me to learn and understand a little bit more about your industry, which was helpful and appreciated. I was able to contact and schedule service with someone right in my area who was referred by a close friend. I quizzed him on everything you taught me and he confirmed that you were right on! Thanks again for your honesty and kindness.

Nancy Rudolph

I arranged for your service through Costco, and was very pleased with the results. Professional, courteous service. We are enjoying a more comfortable summer. Thank you!

Diane Brodeen

 I was impressed with the quality of the work done. I am grateful for the fact that you did it in one day. I am enjoying the zone, thank you!

Steve & Chris Murdoch

Richard did a great job servicing 2 units for us today. He was very professional and knowledgeable. We are so happy we got your mailer because we were looking for a family owned business.

Mrs Tuck

You know that when value exceeds price it is time to buy.
Another reputable installer gave a bid that was 18% lower. After dong my homework I was reminded why the lowest price isn't always the best deal. We simply bought from Burgeson's because the value of what they had to offer exceeded the price. 
The whole process was white collar professional from writing up the paperwork to the last turn of the wrench.
If you need heat or air-conditioning I definitely recommend Burgeson's.

Roger M

I am very pleased with Lance and happy with the service he provided to me. He was very nice and knew what he was doing. Lance spent extra time to find a short in my system that neither the previous tech, nor the electrician I had come out did. Thank you Lance!

Tina Eyraud

I wanted to let you know that Travis changed my life!He replaced my filter and installed a Rheem Halo on January 16th. He was so smart and kind. It has been a life changing experience and I am very happy! 


We've been Burgeson's customers since 2008 when they installed our Lennox system. In that time we've found them to be fair and conscientious. The most recent time was June 27. Our compressor fan went out about 5:30 PM. We called them hoping they were still open. Our experience was similar to Melodie's on June 25. The technician, Jason, came sooner than we expected, found the problem quickly, and went out of his way to help us. He even called us after he was off duty to tell us he had located the part we needed and would be out early the next morning to install it. So instead of spending several days sweltering, we spent only one night without AC! Thank you, Burgeson's!

Paul C

I have 3 systems and have had 2 other companies tell me they needed to be replaced, as well as try to sell me a bunch of stuff I don’t need. Then Andrew from Burgeson came out and I was impressed with how honest and caring he was. He explained everything to me in a way that I could understand. After checking things out he found a plugged condensate line.  They fixed that and did a service and they were good to go. He told me that although my system was aged it did not need to be replaced just yet. Thanks Burgeson’s for having such honest employees!!

Teresa Carlin

Thanks for sending Lance out to do my service, he was on top of things and got the job done. Lance also did a care call for my neighbor, who had another HVAC company out recently. They quoted her $3000 for upgrades she didn’t need. Lance checked her system and recommended service and filters. He tightened the thermostat wires that were loose and re-installed the furnace door that was left off by the other company. We are two satisfied customers!!!!

Tom Capps

I wanted to let everyone know that Lance is a great troubleshooter!  He deserves 5 Gold Stars according to me! My system is “peaking” really good now.  Great job Lance!

Mr. Richard Faubion

I want to give kudos to Travis! He was friendly, professional, and a very nice young man. Burgesons hires the best people, everyone that has come to our house is wonderful!! 

Jeanne Boucher

Steve was great, he took the time to answer all my questions. Kevin was true to his word he said, “Let me get creative and I’ll get the upstairs cool”. My upstairs is finally cool for the first time. Your entire crew did a great job!

David Salas

I wanted to thank Kirsten for scheduling a technician so quickly. Also a big thank you to Lance for fixing the problem and being professional!

Harry Stenzhorn

Thank you for making the air in our home so much cleaner. Our daughter and I have allergies and asthma. With the very windy days lately we are able to breathe much better in our home. Love this system! You guys are great!

Glenn & Cheryl Rhodes

Burgeson’s, you are awesome! Such a quality company, you made this project seamlessly easy. Kevin, thank you for making this happen by rearranging schedules and your work loads. Crew was awesome, friendly, trustworthy and quick. And now my house is cool. Thank you all for going above and beyond expectations.

Jason DeBord

We had Jason out to the house to address our clogged condensation line. Jason was very professional and took the time to educate me on the workings of our furnace system and how it performs in relation to our AC unit. He then made quick work of unclogging the line, replaced a clean-out coupler, and further explained the preventative measures for me to take in the future. He finished with a quick check and rinse of the AC unit itself, explained the benefits of your service maintenance agreement, (which we will consider.) Overall, a positive customer experience that we look forward to sharing with others that may be in need of quality heating and AC service!

Robert Aldrete

We had an equipment malfunction on Thanksgiving Day so we called Burgeson’s. They had a technician out within the hour. We would have frozen in lake arrowhead that weekend without them. Special thanks to Burgeson’s for your great service!

Tony Decker

It all started with Dustin coming to my home and looking over existing equipment. He recommended a new Lennox system. Great customer service on day of install. The crew showed up on time and finished pretty fast, including clean up. Everyone did an excellent job and we love the new system. Thank you Burgeson’s, it’s hard to find companies that do great work nowadays.

Alvaro Orellane

I would like to let everyone at Burgesons know what a great representation of your company Jason is. I was thrilled with his professionalism and manner.  He explained everything and did not try and hard sell me anything. My a/c is fixed now and my house is cool. Thank you!!

Margaret Howell

Your employees are professional, courteous, and also have a good sense of humor. That was a nice added bonus. I am very happy with my new A/C unit. It’s efficient and quiet. The old unit would take hours to cool 4 or 5 degrees; where the new unit cools 5 degrees in 30- 40 min, huge improvement. Thank you!

Elizabeth Smith

I want to praise Travis on getting my heat back on, and on his customer service skills. I have worked in customer service for 40+ years and have never encountered a gentleman like him before.

Mrs Tomilson

We just had our winter servicing completed and I wanted to commend Richard. He was courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. He is a valuable asset to your company. We have done business with your company for 30 years and have never had any complaints. Thanks!

Lou Anne Malak

I am so glad I chose your company for the installation of my heating and air conditioning system. The job was well done! The work reflects neatness, accuracy, and attention to detail. Thank you for providing me with such great service.

Ketly Brevil

No complaints, A+++ service from beginning to end. Thank you!

Tim & Marnee Burroughs

Just had Eric, Tim and Steve from Burgeson's heating and air, install a whole house system. They showed up on time and their neatness, professionalism and business manors were top notch. In three days they retro-fitted an older house with central heat and air. They took care to cover furniture and floors and clean up everything after each days work. Purchasing the system from Burgeson's was painless. Rick came to the house and took me from knowing nothing about a whole house system to picking something that was just right for my needs that didn't break the bank. He also explained how it could be paid for through something called the H.E.R.O. program, where it's tied into your taxes but also tax deductible with no money up front. Both Burgeson's and the H.E.R.O. program are well worth looking into if you need heating or A/C work.

Tony G

I called a few Other companies but Burgesons was the only one that wasn't taking short cuts. They also did not involve other entitie's or other people that I would need to contact. You made my decision easy because you were the safest for my family.

Kim Libasora

Great job, great service, and nice people! It is reassuring to know that if there are any problems someone will be here to help. Thanks again for everything.

Gerald & Rebecca Peplow

Robby was very patient and efficient when I had a problem with my credit card company. The workers who did installation were very knowledgeable, efficient, and left job clean. The office secretary was pleasant to talk with. I am indeed happy, thank you!

Vicky Tan

Rick (Comfort Advisor) was great to work with. I’ve already recommended Rick and Burgeson’s to a local real estate agent.

Randy Black

I appreciated the help with city of San Bernardino permit sign off. It was a mystifying part of the total project.

Thomas Rennard

Frank and Tim worked as a team, each did their part of the job and helped each other as needed. They were courteous and efficient. They did a good job cleaning up when done. How to use thermostat and other features were explained. Both heating and cooling systems work fine. We are very pleased with the whole process, start to finish.

John Freymueller

They always show up on time, and are extremely knowledgeable. I really appreciate that they don't try to rip people off, but rather try to build customers for life. They participate in community events and support the YMCA circus. That's a huge plus for me!

John W

Vincent and Balthazar were great. Now we can watch TV without turning it up 6-10 clicks every time the AC kicks in!

Stephen S

Thank you Don and Dale for responding so quickly to my concerns. The noise was nothing more than the top grate nuts needing tightening, and the unit is still properly on its pad. The noise is virtually gone even at stage 2. When we moved here in 1992 you brought a poor A/C installation job for our new house up to your standards and I have been pleased ever since. Thank you for maintaining those standards by continuing excellent customer service.

Lansing Otis

Very impressed with your expedient service! Furnace was repaired in ten hours!

Jgn Lorio

I wouldn’t use any other company again! Best customer service ever, thank you!

Andrew & Gina Karol

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