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Maintenance Tips from the Pros

By Your Advisor 4/11/16 9:03 AM Time to read:

 Unless a homeowner's HVAC system breaks down, most ignore it. Don't shorten the life of your HVAC system by neglecting to perform regular maintenance on it. Homeowners can do their part by regularly checking air filters. Additionally, homeowners should establish a regular maintenance schedule with their service contractor to protect their investment.

Ask the Professionals

One of the most important steps a homeowner can take toward improving the efficiency and longevity of their HVAC system is developing an ongoing relationship with their service professional. Signing a maintenance agreement is one way to ensure that a qualified technician performs an inspection before the peak heating and cooling seasons. Servicing the air conditioning unit before the scorching summer months, for example, can help to prevent a breakdown when homeowners need it most. A maintenance agreement also guarantees biannual services even when one forgets to schedule an appointment. Developing a relationship with your dealer and even the same technician enables homeowners to receive personalized service from technicians that understand their specific needs. Without following a comprehensive service checklist the individual components of an HVAC system may not receive the proper care, which could shorten their lifespan and efficiency.

Maintenance Checklist

Many people do not consider the importance or benefits of maintenance agreements. During these pre-seasonal, professional inspections, your technician should perform a comprehensive examination of either the A/C or furnace. A service typically includes checking the thermostat operation, refrigerant charges, blower assembly, wiring and connections, airflow, electrical components and more. For example, the in-depth inspection process ensures that the condensate line is clear, coils are clean, and the ductwork is healthy, all in an effort to keep system efficiency high.

Homeowner Maintenance

According to HVAC professionals, homeowners can do their part in preserving their system by regularly checking the air filter. While every HVAC system and home environment is different, an owner should check the air filter regularly. Neglecting to change filters puts system performance in jeopardy since the system will have to work harder against the bottleneck of a clogged filter. Homeowners can also install a programmable thermostat in their home to fine-tune the temperature even while they're away.

Since most people don't have the equipment, expertise, or time to stay on top of regular service, experts recommend an annual maintenance agreement. Neglecting necessary servicing can lead to a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases.