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TXV - 3 Letters That Can Help Keep You Cool… or Not!

If you have an air conditioning unit that is malfunctioning, your technician may have found that it’s your thermostatic expansion valve (TXV). But what is this valve, what function does it perform in your equipment, and why can it be the problem?

Rigid Metal vs AlumaFlex Ductwork

Looking to upgrade your HVAC system? There is more to consider than which AC unit or furnace to buy; you’ll have to consider upgrading your ductwork as well. Forced air heating and air conditioning split systems and packaged units are the most popular equipment installations in North America, and both require a reliable network of ducts in your home.

AC Service: Too Little May Be Too Late

Every car owner knows that they should change their motor oil every 3000-5000 miles. An automobile is an investment; it’s a piece of machinery that requires regular maintenance to keep it running as long as possible. An air conditioning system is no different. Like a car, it needs routine annual or semiannual maintenance, also known as an “AC service” or "tune-up."

Best Air Filter to Improve Brain Function

Anyone that has been around a campfire or charcoal grill knows that inhaling smoke hurts. It burns the lungs and airways. But have you thought about what it’s doing to your brain? We spend 90% of our life indoors. Chances are that without proper ventilation and a good air filter, your brain may not be getting what it needs to function at optimum capacity.

How to Improve Attic Ventilation

Apart from insulation, ventilation is an important element in a home's energy efficiency. Attic ventilation is usually not synonymous with lower cooling bills, but it should be. Many people simply choose not to concern themselves with attic vents and the many variations of them: rectangular, hooded, etc. One reason to think about ventilation, however, is a homeowner's comfort level; did we also mention reduced utility bills? Improving ventilation can surely lower energy costs by relieving excess strain on an air conditioning unit.

Beat The Heat: AC Repair or Replacement?

 Do you feel like your air conditioner is consistently under performing? Are you constantly needing to adjust your programmable thermostat to stay cool? Are you hearing worrisome noises coming from your system? Before you head out to replace your current unit, there are a few things you should consider.

A Homeowner's Guide to An Air Conditioner Compressor

 An air conditioner compressor is a crucial component of a cooling system. A deeper look into the function of this key cooling component quickly clears up a common HVAC misconception. Most homeowners think that an air conditioner works by adding cool air to the home. Actually, an air conditioning unit's continuous internal cycle actually removes heat from the home. Without the compressor, none of this would be possible.

How To Save Energy With A Right Sized HVAC System

When it comes to installing an HVAC system, a larger unit is not necessarily better. In fact, units that are too large for a home often come with increased installation and maintenance costs. While there is technology that currently exists to aid in accurately sizing a new HVAC system, some contractors still use casual methods of sizing. In some cases, contractors will purposely oversize a system in order to reduce the amount of call backs, allow for future home expansion, or simply because the customer demanded it. Here's a detailed explanation on why oversizing is a problem and how right sizing a system can actually save you money and reduce energy consumption.

The Difference Between an Air Conditioner and Air Handler

 There has never been a better time to purchase a new HVAC system than now. HVAC system manufacturers have made it surprisingly convenient and affordable to heat and cool any living space, even if there is no ductwork present. The only obstacle in finalizing a purchase is knowing what type of equipment to buy. The plethora of components and complete systems could make any smart buyer feel intimidated. To soothe those worries, we're answering one of the most common HVAC questions: What is the difference between an air handler and an air conditioner?

Cooling Down Your Second Story For More Comfort

 Multi-story homes tend to suffer from uneven cooling throughout the summer, but with a few changes entire home cooling is possible. The reason for the problematic cooling is due to a simple principle in physics in which hot air rises. In turn, the conditioned air that does make it to the upper levels through the existing ductwork will quickly flow back down to the first floor.