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A Homeowner's Guide to An Air Conditioner Compressor

 An air conditioner compressor is a crucial component of a cooling system. A deeper look into the function of this key cooling component quickly clears up a common HVAC misconception. Most homeowners think that an air conditioner works by adding cool air to the home. Actually, an air conditioning unit's continuous internal cycle actually removes heat from the home. Without the compressor, none of this would be possible.

How To Save Energy With A Right Sized HVAC System

When it comes to installing an HVAC system, a larger unit is not necessarily better. In fact, units that are too large for a home often come with increased installation and maintenance costs. While there is technology that currently exists to aid in accurately sizing a new HVAC system, some contractors still use casual methods of sizing. In some cases, contractors will purposely oversize a system in order to reduce the amount of call backs, allow for future home expansion, or simply because the customer demanded it. Here's a detailed explanation on why oversizing is a problem and how right sizing a system can actually save you money and reduce energy consumption.

What's the Difference between an AC unit and an Air handler?

 There has never been a better time to purchase a new HVAC system than now. HVAC system manufacturers have made it surprisingly convenient and affordable to heat and cool any living space, even if there is no ductwork present. The only obstacle in finalizing a purchase is knowing what type of equipment to buy. The plethora of components and complete systems could make any smart buyer feel intimidated. To soothe those worries, one of our Southern California techs ate answering one of the most common HVAC questions: What is the difference between an air handler and an air conditioner?

Cooling Down Your Second Story For More Comfort

 Multi-story homes tend to suffer from uneven cooling throughout the summer, but with a few changes entire home cooling is possible. The reason for the problematic cooling is due to a simple principle in physics in which hot air rises. In turn, the conditioned air that does make it to the upper levels through the existing ductwork will quickly flow back down to the first floor.

What Type of Air Conditioning Units are Best For Your Garage Conversion

 For homeowners that are thinking of converting their garage into a comfortable living space, air conditioning should be at top of mind. An efficient cooling option not only keeps the converted space at a consistent and comfortable temperature, but also prevents refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances from overheating on sweltering summer days.

Introduction to Variable Speed Technology In Heating and Air

 HVAC systems equipped with variable speed technology provide far more efficiency than its single and two-stage compressor alternative. In terms of HVAC, variable speeds simply mean that a unit is able to vary its output speed depending on indoor temperatures. Since homes rarely need their HVAC equipment running at 100 percent capacity, variable speed technology provides significant benefits.

Analytics in HVAC Changing the Game

How can home and business owners know if their HVAC equipment requires a new filter, additional refrigerant, or a complete replacement? Regular preventative maintenance ensures that an HVAC system runs at maximum efficiency. Technicians can inspect equipment and offer home and business owners suggestions on how to improve efficiency. The integration of analytics, however, has given HVAC contractors a deeper and more expansive understanding of inefficiency patterns that indicate system failure. In fact, maintenance and analytics have changed the HVAC industry for the better.

R22 Phase out. What does this mean for your ac unit? A Southern California Tech Explains.

 If you haven't heard, refrigerant standards have changed, requiring homeowners to take a closer look at their air conditioning units. Although these new government policies force the HVAC industry to adapt, the policies still have a few years to go into full effect. Here's what homeowners need to know to prepare for the change.

What to do when your ac unit freezes up?

Summer is right around the corner which means air conditioning and heating contractors can expect an influx of service calls in the near future. Especially during the warmer months, homeowners might notice a dripping sound coming from their unit. The cause may be a frozen evaporator coil which can drastically reduce comfort levels when homeowners need them most. So, why does this happen? To find out, we first need to explore how an air conditioning unit cools a home.

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Changes in Heating and Air Conditioning, 2016

 Now that we are solidly in 2016, we can take some time to reflect on the lessons we've learned from last year. With improved regional efficiency standards, the HVAC industry made a lot of strides. As an award-winning HVAC company, we have kept up with HVAC technology like smart thermostats. The HVAC industry is one of the fastest growing technology sectors mainly due to the recovering housing market which contributed to job growth