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Winter Heating Tips - 5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Cold

With some cooler days and chilly nights, our homes become a warm and cozy getaway. To get the best performance from your heating system, it is important to ensure your home is properly prepared.

AC Coil Cleaning -- How Often Do You Need It?

Cleaning your air conditioning coils is probably a job you dread. However, if you want your AC to run smoothly and efficiently, you need to ensure the coils are cleaned well. Not only will dirty coils affect your unit's efficiency, but too much build up can cause your air conditioner to break down.

4 Tips for Lowing Your Heat Bill That Will Surprise You!

As the days start to get cooler, there are a number of things we can begin to look forward to again. From our favorite cozy sweaters to sipping a warm beverage by the fireplace, winter is all about finding ways to stay toasty. However, this also means higher heating bills. 

Getting an astronomical heating bill can put a serious damper on your winter season. Luckily, there are a few easy (and surprising!) things you can do to lower your expenses and save some cash. 

1. Program Your Heating 

Heating Tips: A Guide to Safely Heating Your Home In The Winter

As the days start to get cooler, you’re probably preparing to turn your heating system on for the season. However, before you turn your heat on, you want to ensure your system is fully prepared to begin running again.

Top 5 Air Conditioner Problems That You Can Avoid

Even as temperatures begin to decline, you're likely still giving your HVAC system a workout. And no matter the temperature outside, there are few things worse than your home or business air conditioning breaking down completely.

Beat The Heat: AC Repair or Replacement?

 Do you feel like your air conditioner is consistently under performing? Are you constantly needing to adjust your programmable thermostat to stay cool? Are you hearing worrisome noises coming from your system? Before you head out to replace your current unit, there are a few things you should consider.

AC Service: Fixing Refrigerant Leaks

 Many homeowners wonder why it takes so long to perform a refrigerant leak detection test on their HVAC system. Those who have experienced leaks during the summer known the struggle of getting an HVAC technician to inspect their system. The high demand for repairs during summer is reason enough to get units inspected before the rush. While repairing refrigerant leaks is fairly straightforward, finding them is what gives technicians a run for their money.

Noise Control: HVAC Repair for a Loud HVAC System

 Modern air conditioning units are quieter than ever. Technological advancements have made it possible to reduce their operating noise so homeowners can enjoy a comfortable home without the nuisance. Sometimes, however, abnormal noises do come up. Since there are many complex parts working together, it is often difficult to diagnose the issue. There could be a variety of possible causes but some are more common than others.

Introduction to HVAC Service Plans

 Summer is rapidly approaching which means that homeowners are beginning to take their HVAC maintenance seriously. Service maintenance agreements are essentially customer discount programs. From all the savings included with priority service and discounted rates, the low maintenance agreement cost is quickly offset. Bi-annual pre-season maintenance differs in scope, however by attempting to identify the issues when they are first developing instead of waiting until it is too late.

Rats in the Ductwork! Getting Rid of Pesky Pests

 Rodents like to take up residence in ductwork by chewing their way in or searching out an unsealed access. They settle in and use this distribution system as their own personal highway to access different areas of a home. If a homeowner ignores the issue, it could lead to serious structural damage. The result is a loss of conditioned air through the attic meaning the HVAC system will not work at maximum efficiency.