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Common AC Problems in Southern California

By Your Advisor 7/13/18 12:39 PM Time to read:

In the summertime, air conditioning in California is a part of daily life, with most people running their systems around the clock. 

And like with any piece of machinery, things can go wrong, leaving people hot and frustrated in the height of the summer heat. 

So, if your AC starts malfunctioning, what can you do? 

We’ve put together a list of key problems people have in SoCal with their HVAC systems and some remedies you can implement to get things back up and running quickly. 

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1. “My AC is Blowing Warm Air!”

The only thing worse then an AC unit that doesn't work at all is one that only blows out warm air.

This is can be caused by a problem with the refrigerant or the unit not being properly maintained. Sometimes the coils in your AC system can develop cracks, holes, or leaks, which depletes your system of the necessary refrigerant needed to keep things cool. When refrigerant leaks out of your system, you’ll notice the air coming through the registers (vents) into your home is warm.

Another common reason that your AC system could be blowing out warm air is because customers often forget they’ve signed up for a discount program with Southern California Edison.

SCE runs a Summer Discount Plan that suspends electricity to AC units in high usage times. The system still blows out air, but the refrigerant isn’t circulating so it’s not being cooled. The discount may sound good when signing up for the plan, but when the AC unit stops blowing cool air in 90+ degree weather, that idea can change rather quickly! 

2. “My AC Won’t Turn On!”

At times your AC unit may not even switch on, let alone blow out cool air. In this situation, it may be something as simple as the unit not being plugged in (trust us, it happens!), or it could be more complex like a problem with the circuit breaker or a faulty thermostat. 

If the thermostat screen is blank or the unit is not working, check to see if your thermostat takes batteries and simply needs them to be replaced. A recent power outage might also be the culprit. If it is not something that you can easily fix yourself, schedule a technician to check it for repair. 

3. “My AC is Working, But There’s No Air Flow!”

Sometimes the AC unit is on and seemingly working, but air is not flowing properly. If this is the case, start by checking your filters. If they are clogged that could be the main cause of the problem.

Another mistake that can cause poor air flow is when grilles or vents are closed off in under-used rooms. It seems counter intuitive, but closing these rooms off will make air flow to other rooms worse, not better. 

Next, if you have access take a look at your duct work to see if it's damaged or disconnected. 

These problems can easily be avoided before break downs occur by investing in regular maintenance.

4. “Help! My Dog Chewed Through the AC Wiring!”

From time to time, we see problems with AC units when pets damage them by chewing through the wiring. While this can be a frustrating situation, it can be prevented in the future by building a fence or a cage around the unit.  

If the damage has already been done, call a technician to schedule a repair. 

5. “There’s Something Else Wrong With My AC!” 

In addition to the most common problems we see with AC units, there are also a whole host of other reasons your system might not be working properly.

If your system is cycling on and off, you could have a problem with the refrigerant or electronics . Alternatively, you might face more frustrating problems, like loud noises coming from your unit or water leaking from the furnace. 

In these instances, we recommend turning off the unit to prevent any further damage and calling out a technician to diagnose and fix the issue so you can be back up and running as quickly as possible. 

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No one wants to lose out on cool air in the sweltering heat of California’s summer, and a failing AC unit can cause more problems than just a lack of cool air. It’s important to have regular maintenance performed on your system and to keep an eye out for any abnormalities. 

The expert Service and Maintenance Technicians at Burgeson's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can help you properly maintain your heating system to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible. If you're ready to schedule a maintenance appointment, or if you'd like to speak to a Comfort Advisor about installing a new, high-efficiency system, give us a call at (909) 792-2222. We'd be happy to help you find the solution that meets your needs. 

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