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4 Tips for Lowing Your Heat Bill That Will Surprise You!

As the days start to get cooler, there are a number of things we can begin to look forward to again. From our favorite cozy sweaters to sipping a warm beverage by the fireplace, winter is all about finding ways to stay toasty. However, this also means higher heating bills. 

Getting an astronomical heating bill can put a serious damper on your winter season. Luckily, there are a few easy (and surprising!) things you can do to lower your expenses and save some cash. 

1. Program Your Heating 

How Does a Thermostat Work? Explained by a Southern California Tech.

If your home is feeling too warm or too cool, you probably head straight to your thermostat to address the problem. With just the press of a button, you can send warm or cold air circulating throughout your home. As the main control of your home’s temperature, your thermostat allows you to communicate with your heating and cooling system.

   However, that’s about where most people stop thinking about it.

6 Benefits of Finding Your Optimal Sleep Temperature

Do you ever crawl into bed only to find yourself tossing and turning, trying all night to find a comfortable sleeping position? You’re tired, but you just can’t seem to fall into the deep, restful sleep you need.

Enter sandman: temperature control for better sleep

 Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? While some people may have a bedtime routine, most don't consider room temperature as much as they should. A room that is too hot or cold may be the reason for your restless nights. Although you may be tempted to save energy by keeping temperatures as low as possible in the winter and as high as possible during the summer, it may adversely affect your personal biorhythm. Let's begin by taking a look at the science of optimal sleep and how you can better control your home's temperature for an ideal sleep environment.

How to Program Your Thermostat

If you are transitioning from a manual thermostat to a digital one, you may be wondering what you need to know before making the switch. Moreover, programming your new thermostat can seem a bit intimidating; even the tech-savvy can have difficulty the first time. Let's put aside the range of extensive features on digital thermostats and focus on choosing the right device and setting for you.

Considering a Wifi Thermostat? Check Out These Handy Apps

 Besides their aesthetically pleasing designs, wifi thermostats contain valuable functionalities, especially when connected to a mobile app. A wifi thermostat gives you a full range of comfort control even when you're not at home. Here are a few benefits a modern day wifi thermostat can offer.