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Considering a Wifi Thermostat? Check Out These Handy Apps

By Your Advisor 1/25/16 9:41 AM Time to read:

 Besides their aesthetically pleasing designs, wifi thermostats contain valuable functionalities, especially when connected to a mobile app. A wifi thermostat gives you a full range of comfort control even when you're not at home. Here are a few benefits a modern day wifi thermostat can offer.

1. Performance Reports

Want to cut down on energy-wasting habits? Performance reports inform you of your system's energy use. Even if you are away on vacation, adjust your system's settings on a mobile app to improve efficiency and save money.

2. Allergy Relief

Wifi thermostats benefit the 40% of children and 30% of adults who struggle day-to-day with respiratory problems. Some thermostats monitor air quality and even pollen levels outside your home. When there's an influx of allergens, these thermostats engage prompting your HVAC system to circulate your home's indoor air through its filtration and purification system to improve indoor air quality.

3. Schedule Adaptability

Automate your home's temperature depending on your family's schedule. Simply input the times you go to bed and wake up along with a corresponding temperature. If your schedule changes and you leave home early, your mobile GPS will detect that you're away and adjust your temperature accordingly.

4. Remote Access

Wifi thermostats are capable of detecting when you leave your home and automatically adjust your system to go into an energy-saving mode. Your system is also automated to detect when you return using your smartphone's GPS.

5. Alerts and Reminders

With a wifi thermostat, rest easy knowing you'll receive alerts and reminders of your system's performance wherever you are. For example, a longer-than-normal run time can be a symptom of a critical issue with your system. Wifi thermostats give you advanced warnings, so you aren't caught off guard.

6. Manage Various Locations

With a mobile app, control multiple wifi thermostats across different locations. Imagine being able to control the temperature for your lake house or unoccupied rental property from anywhere in the world. A wifi thermostat's mobile app gives you maximum energy management control to directly affect your energy bill.

Wifi thermostats, in conjunction with mobile apps, help you regulate your home's temperature during any weather pattern throughout the year. Since your HVAC system is a dominant energy user, wifi thermostats and their accompanying apps are indispensable. Whether you want it for your family home or a business, wifi thermostats optimize your energy use, provide you with diagnostic data, and best of all, give you peace of mind with a drastically improved comfort level.

If a wifi thermostat sounds like a useful new home addition, contact us. We'll point you in the right direction and have a trained HVAC professional install yours. Call us at (888) 600-3331 or request a service appointment today.