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Burgeson's Heating & Air Conditioning Blog

The Ins and Outs of Commercial Installation

 A top-rated and high-efficient HVAC system is crucial to maintaining a productive, healthy, and comfortable work environment. Since these systems account for a substantial amount of energy use in commercial facilities, energy-saving equipment can reap more energy bill savings and increase the life expectancy of a unit. For those that are unsure about what steps to take before installing a new heating and air conditioning system, it all comes down to the building's specific heating and cooling needs.

The Best Air Filtration for a Commercial Facility

 Just like with residential properties, air filtration is of utmost importance in commercial facilities. Commercial real estate building owners or property managers need to run their buildings efficiently and cost effectively all while thinking of the comfort and health of the building's personnel. Proper air filtration can help commercial property owners do that.

Getting HVAC Right in the Laboratory

 An efficient HVAC system is key to maintaining optimum comfort levels. But facilities like laboratories must adhere to stringent requirements that go beyond simply keeping laboratory staff comfortable. Laboratory designers must take into account personnel safety by not only performing regular maintenance on their HVAC system, but also using high-end equipment to reduce spending and increase efficiency.