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Furnace or Heat Pump? Which is Right for You?

 Choosing between a furnace or a heat pump can be a difficult decision if homeowners don't know what each does. While both can be effective sources of heat, each thrives under particular conditions. Ultimately, to choose the correct system, one must understand each system's main purpose and how they are rated for efficiency.

Why Does My Furnace Turn On and Off?

It is completely normal for your furnace to turn on and off; that is how your furnace regulates your home's temperature. In fact, an average furnace cycles on and off anywhere between three to six times per hour. The real problem starts when your furnace turns on and off very quickly. When your system is constantly starting and stopping, it is a symptom of a system issue. But before you panic and replace your entire system, here are a few common reasons why your furnace may be short cycling.