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Continuing to Grow our Heating and Air Conditioning Service

By Your Advisor 6/23/16 9:00 AM Time to read:

 Despite a mass exodus of baby boomers retiring from the HVAC service industry, here at Burgeson's Heating and Air Conditioning we've managed to bring in a new breed of motivated individuals. Since January 2015, we've added 36 people to our team. Anyone from a seasoned technician to a high school novice is a promising investment to our company. In fact, we've made it our mission to put as much emphasis on nurturing new hires as we do in providing high-quality service.

Growing Amidst a Labor Shortage

HVAC contractors are attempting to replace their retiring technicians by attracting the younger millennial generation. However, oftentimes these hopeful applicants are either not trained for the work or are not willing to commit to the physically-demanding industry. In terms of technical experience, the younger generation has not been conditioned to the type of work involved in the HVAC service industry. To compensate for the inexperience, we do not take for granted the value of practice, training, and the countless repetition of tasks needed to learn a new skill. Due to our increased demand for HVAC services our support staff in the office and in the field has grown as well. We do not shy away from the enormous amount of investment needed to grow the right-fit employees from the moment they decide to join our team.

The Perfect Hire

We painstakingly vet each and every one of our new hires. These aspiring technicians will one day enter the homes of our customers in need of a service or equipment install. Essentially, they must be able to eloquently articulate any HVAC recommendations and satisfy the customer's needs. Besides passing a drug test and background check, job applicants must carry a valid driver's license and be insurable. Once these conditions are met, we assess their strengths and weaknesses in the field. Despite their real-world HVAC experience, the younger generation is skillful with technology. These soft skills help us as a cutting-edge HVAC contractor because we incorporate technology in the form of tablets and other digital resources to keep track of service history and detect system malfunction. On top of that, we look for candidates with tremendous leadership potential, unparalleled motivation, flexibility, and a willingness to start a career in the industry.

An Investment for Future Growth

Our steady upward growth is due in part to our vast array of employee benefits including medical insurance, simple IRA, holiday and vacation pay, and a competitive hourly rate. Although we do like to hire technicians and support staff with experience, we always look for driven individuals hoping to explore a career in HVAC. In fact, we employ high school graduates as apprentices and groom them to meet our high standards. We take amateur technicians out on ride-alongs with senior technicians to gain real-world experience. Additionally, we offer many incentives to continue their education and training online including paying for their classes and bringing in guest speakers into our training center.

Every investment from online education programs through the Lennox website to in-the-field training ensures that we teach our incoming technicians good habits. Senior techs pass along their acquired wisdom, which makes our employees feel appreciated and nurtured.