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Cut Your Energy Bill Down to Size with Solar

By Your Advisor 5/19/16 9:00 AM Time to read:

 Homeowners are preparing for the approaching summer heat. The very heat that homeowners try to stave off is the same heat that provides power to an energy-efficient home. For homeowners who currently burn fuel to power their heating and cooling system, a renewable energy source like solar power can be a viable alternative.

Benefits of a Solar-Ready Air Conditioner

Solar powered air conditioning units offer both environmental and economic benefits. A solar-ready unit can cut your cooling bills by about half. In fact, according to surveys done by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, home values increase an average of $20 for every dollar reduction in annual utility bills. Solar power is virtually free, enabling homeowners to harvest enough energy to power their entire home. Because solar energy produces no pollution or hazardous waste, it is becoming an increasingly popular renewable energy source among homeowners. Most units also use eco-friendly, chlorine-free R410A refrigerant which is a proactive move considering the new refrigerant standards.

Two Types of Solar Air Conditioners

Hybrids: Using photo voltaic technology (PV) and direct current (DC), a hybrid unit is capable of harnessing solar power as electricity and switching to battery power when needed. During those warm and sunny days, the system charges its battery. When the sun is not out, the battery backup kicks in. During this time, it charges through an alternating current (AC) power.

Chillers: Also referred to as evaporative coolers, chillers heat water by evaporation and condensation. A chiller uses water to transfer heat and cool a home. They cool air by blowing it over water-saturated material. Solar energy is then used to power the fan and motor.

Installation and Other Considerations

Because a solar-ready air conditioning unit is such an important investment to your home comfort, it is imperative to have a trained professional install your unit. The same goes for installing solar equipment which requires the installation of heat absorbing panels on your home's roof. A qualified professional can ensure the panels are appropriately sized and installed. However, it is a good idea to consult with a professional to be sure that the solar-ready air conditioning unit and solar panels are compatible. Solar-ready air conditioning units are more quiet, efficient, and affordable than ever.

Apart from the improved system efficiency and reduction of a carbon footprint, there are more benefits to solar energy. If you are thinking about going solar, there are state and federal tax incentives that can offset the initial cost of installation. Call us today at (909) 792-2222 to find out which solar-ready air conditioning unit is right for you.