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Introducing the New Lennox MPA Ductless Heat Pumps

By Your Advisor 7/25/16 9:30 AM Time to read:

Homeowners can now rejoice knowing there is a new and improved solution to their heating and cooling needs. Lennox, a global HVAC equipment manufacturer, recently introduced their new line of MPA ductless heat pumps. Taking the multi-functionality of heat pumps and the convenience of installing mini-split systems, this new line offers a solution for living spaces that do not have existing ductwork.

When Ducts Are Not an Option

Sometimes, connecting existing ductwork from the home to another added living space is just not feasible. For these situations, people may resort to purchasing and installing window units for their heating and cooling needs. While this can seem like an efficient solution, window units require an opening wide enough to house the unit, which can be especially inconvenient if none is present. Furthermore, they can make a home vulnerable to outside factors such as insects, weather, and theft. An alternative to a window unit is a mini-split system. For those that live in milder climates, the new mini-split ductless heat pump line is the best choice. These compact heating and cooling machines provide superior comfort in add-on rooms such as home offices, sun rooms, media rooms, and more. The system comes with an outdoor unit connecting to an indoor unit via a short section of duct. If homes require heating and cooling different zones, a multi-split system uses one outdoor unit for five separate indoor units (of various styles).

Improved Operation

The new line of mini-split heat pumps offers the latest inverter technology to keep homes cool and warm without wasting unnecessary energy. Unlike the start and stop air flow method of traditional systems, Lennox's ductless heat pumps feature a variable frequency drive that controls the speed of the motor, compressor, and air flow output. Essentially, the system adjusts its output by marginal increments to maintain a desired temperature throughout. Additionally, noise reduction technology enables it to operate in an extremely quiet fashion with indoor sound levels reaching as low as 29 dB. To put things in perspective, a whisper is 20 dB and light rainfall is 30 dB. That means that high efficiency operation will not become a nuisance in the home.

Apart from having the latest HVAC technology installed, the new line of products features SEER ratings fit for any energy efficient homeowner. The new Lennox MPA ductless heat pump offers efficiency ratings up to 23.50 SEER and 10.50 HSPF. For more information on the new MPA heat pumps or any other Lennox product, contact us at (909) 792-2222.