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Introduction to HVAC Service Plans

By Your Advisor 5/23/16 9:00 AM Time to read:

 Summer is rapidly approaching which means that homeowners are beginning to take their HVAC maintenance seriously. Service maintenance agreements are essentially customer discount programs. From all the savings included with priority service and discounted rates, the low maintenance agreement cost is quickly offset. Bi-annual pre-season maintenance differs in scope, however by attempting to identify the issues when they are first developing instead of waiting until it is too late.

Why Sign Up For Maintenance

HVAC service plans ensure that technicians perform preventative maintenance on a home's heating and cooling equipment. When an HVAC system is installed or repaired, service contractors will normally offer a service contract otherwise known as a maintenance agreement. Essentially, they are contracts between a homeowner and a contractor whereby for a predetermined fee, a homeowner can set up a continuous service for their system.

Regular service maintenance keeps units performing at maximum efficiency, extending its lifetime. A unit that is continuously maintained has fewer problems down the line. This lessens its chance of needing repairs. On top of that, homeowners can expect that a trained and certified technician answers all their questions. Sometimes, homeowners forget to have their equipment serviced. A maintenance agreement ensures regularly scheduled servicing of an HVAC system. Since a technician will be very familiar with a homeowner's needs, they can replace filters and identify other problems so they can continue to provide energy-efficient solutions.

Homeowner Maintenance

Homeowners can be proactive in their HVAC maintenance. While regular maintenance visits are recommended, one should not completely ignore their system in the meantime. For example, regular HVAC filter changes keeps systems running smoothly. A dirty or clogged filter restricts airflow leading to wasted energy and reduced comfort. More straightforward tasks like keeping the registers unblocked by drapes and furniture can be easy tasks for homeowners to perform.

Benefits of Professional Maintenance

While homeowners can perform simple HVAC maintenance tasks, more complicated repairs require a NATE-certified technician who has all the tools and experience to perform the job. Here is what you can expect from a typical HVAC system maintenance:

  • Thermostat operation: Your technician ensures that the thermostat is set at optimum levels and operating correctly for maximum comfort.
  • Electrical connections, voltage and currents: Technicians tighten loose connections, measure voltage and current on motors, and check for any faulty wiring which can cause unsafe operation.
  • Duct Inspection: Your service technician should check your system's duct work to be sure it is sealed properly and that there are no tears or crushed runs.
  • Inspect condensate drain: Sometimes, a condensate drain can become plugged which can cause severe water damage to your home.
  • Check system controls: Technicians will normally check an equipment's starting cycle to determine if it starts, operates, and shuts off properly.

Maintenance plans ensure there is minimal downtime of an HVAC system and a fast response time when a repair is needed. Keep in mind, though, a maintenance agreement is only as good as the HVAC contractor that provides it, so you know you are in good hands with Burgeson's. Schedule a service appointment online or call us today at (909) 792-2222 for more information on our HVAC service plans.