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Long-Time Burgeson's Customer Gets RID OF HARD WATER PROBLEMS—FOR GOOD

By Your Advisor 3/30/24 4:22 PM Time to read:


Throughout 75+ years of service, Burgeson’s has accumulated an impressive number of loyal customers. One of those loyal customers is Bettye Miller.

Recently, Bettye Miller called Burgeson’s to help resolve some of her hard water problems. Bettye told our team that she wanted to replace her existing water softener. Not only was the existing system constantly needing service and incessantly beeping, but it was ineffective at improving her home’s water quality—even with two filters!

When our plumber arrived to inspect the system and speak with Bettye about her water softening needs, he suggested a much more advanced water filtration system—one that would impress Bettye and remind her, once again, why she always turns to Burgeson’s for help.

Before we explain how we solved Bettye’s hard water problems once and for all, let’s first look at her long history of trusting Burgeson’s.




In 1977, Bettye bought her first home in Redlands near the YMCA. When her heater needed to be repaired, she knew she’d need to find a heating and air conditioning company she could trust. As a 26-year-old first-time homeowner, Bettye was careful to ask multiple people who she should call. Everyone she asked told her to call Burgeson’s, so she did.

When a Burgeson’s technician had difficulties with the repair, Elgar C. Burgeson (founder of Burgeson’s) came out to Bettye’s home to assist. Elgar crawled underneath the house and used the opportunity to coach the tech and to personally make sure Bettye was satisfied with the job.



Bettye was impressed by the leadership displayed by Elgar Burgeson in 1977, and years later, she called our team again. This time for a new HVAC installation.

At this point, Bettye was in her second home and was a newly single parent. Her heating and a/c system were on the fritz, and due to a major heatwave, Burgeson’s team prepared to expedite the installation. 

Right after Bettye signed the contract for a new system, Burgeson’s sent a technician out and found that the motor in her outdoor unit was the issue. Our tech was able to replace the motor and get the system running until the new system was installed.

Bettye was only charged for labor.

Burgeson’s eventually replaced the aging system altogether but the fact that our team was able to prolong the replacement and only charged for labor was a godsend for Bettye and reaffirmed her loyalty to our company.

From there on out, Bettye became a customer for life. She didn’t think twice about calling Burgeson’s for her 2nd HVAC installation in her next home. This home had a 17-18-year-old HVAC system that was too small, inefficient, and caused significantly higher electricity bills. Burgeson’s offered to replace the system at a 25% discount along with a $1,000 rebate.

The new, properly sized system saved Bettye $75 every month on electricity bills throughout the summer, resulting in higher comfort levels and faster cooling.



Bettye had recently moved to Highland and wanted to replace the existing water softener in her new home. She told our team that the water is so hard in the Highland area that the water softener had to use two filters and needed to be serviced frequently.

Despite using two filters and constantly maintaining the water softening system, Bettye was still struggling with hard water problems like pesky water spots and tap water that tastes like chemicals.


After listening to Bettye’s needs, our team suggested a Whole-Home Water Filtration System. This advanced system prevents hard water and uses a carbon-based filter to remove chemicals, pollutants, and even super-fine particles from tap water.

When our team installed the system, they also installed a new electrical outlet since there wasn’t a closer outlet available. This was installed free of charge. On top of this, our team needed to correct minor plumbing issues that resulted from the old water softener’s setup and did not charge Bettye for this unanticipated work.

Less than two months after the installation, Bettye has already noticed that there are no more water spots on her dishes, and her tap water tastes fresher and cleaner.

Needless to say, Bettye was, once again, impressed with the Burgeson’s team’s quality of service and honest advice.