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Ring In the Savings: The Holidays Are a Great Time for Home Improvement

By Your Advisor 12/7/22 12:25 PM Time to read:

Looking for another reason to enjoy some cheer this holiday season? Well, how about this: home service contractors offer BIG discounts on new systems and home improvement projects at the end of the year. 

As a matter of fact, it’s the best time of the year to make these purchases. 

Why is that? It’s pretty simple, really. Home service work slows down during the holidays. So, many contractors, including Burgeson’s, offer some of the year's best savings to keep those phones ringing. 

And that’s just the start of what makes the holidays a great time for home improvement repairs or replacements!

This blog will look at why wrapping up those home improvement tasks by year-end is a smart move. We’ll even share some home improvement gift ideas that will have you at the top of your friends’ and family’s “nice” lists for years to come.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year To Save on Home Improvement Projects!

Burgeson’s offers excellent deals this time of year that could save you thousands of dollars on home improvement projects. Just check out some of our holiday specialswe have going on right now. With deals covering HVAC, solar, plumbing, and electrical, we have something for everyone!


Three Reasons Why the Holidays and Home Improvement Go Together Like Cookies and Milk

Looking for a reason to finish up some home improvement work by the end of the year? Well, you’re in luck. We don’t have just one reason; we have three: better discounts, tax savings, and faster response times.

Let’s look at these year-end benefits in more detail, shall we?

End-of-Year Discounts Specials

Contractors tend to offer their best deals at the end of the year, which from a seasonality standpoint, is nowhere near as busy as summer. This is excellent news for homeowners, but only if they go hunting for those deals in the first place.

So what parts of the home stand to benefit the most from these year-end discounts?

The most significant discounts are reserved for cooling system replacements. As it turns out, replacing an air conditioner is more affordable when nobody’s thinking about air conditioning. So if you need a replacement system, we recommend glancing at the AC installation specials at the very least.

But what if you don’t need a replacement AC? Well, you’re still in luck. You’ll find deals for heating, plumbing, electrical, and even solar this time of year. The bigger the project, the more savings you’ll see. 

Tax Incentives & Rebates

Want a bigger tax refund this year? A few home improvement projects can make a big difference on this upcoming year’s tax return. With the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, more tax rebates are available than ever before for a huge range of home systems, especially heat pumps and new solar systems. 

Burgeson’s is an excellent resource for these tax rebates. So if you’d like to see what’s out there, give us a call at (909) 792-2222.

Faster Year-End Response Times

Because of how light the end of the year is for contractors, you can expect faster response times across the board. Instead of waiting weeks for a project to begin, you can expect a project turnaround in just days. Considering how busy the holidays can get, those response times and installation speeds matter. 

Save Room Under the Tree for These Great Deals from Burgeson’s!

We’ve discussed why you’d want to check out some holiday home improvement deals. But what kind of deals are actually out there?

Buy-One-Get-One Offers

Who says you can’t gift yourself something while you’re out shopping for others? With buy-one-get-one deals such as those offered by Burgeson’s, you can give the gift of home improvement to yourself and your friends and relatives.

Financing Offers

You can expect excellent financing deals to become available during the holidays featuring lower interest rates and monthly payments.

Major Home System Installation Deals

You can’t go wrong with those holiday deals with significant discounts on new home systems. Burgeson’s, for example, has installation deals on pretty much every major system in your home, from garbage disposals and tankless water heaters to solar panels and air filtration systems.

Save Big on Home Improvement This Holiday Season With Burgeson’s

These holiday deals from Burgeson’s make great gifts for yourself or a loved one. But just like Frosty the Snowman, they’ll be gone before you know it. Give your friends at Burgeson’s a call at (909) 792-2222, or visit our specials page to see ALL of our great holiday deals.