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Tom Kaney's Journey with Burgeson's Whole-Home Generator Installation

By Your Advisor 3/23/24 10:54 AM Time to read:

Ensuring Uninterrupted Creativity: Tom Kaney's Journey with Burgeson's Whole-Home Generator Installation

Tom Kaney, a retired philanthropist, runs Kaney Made Woodworking for Charity, supporting children and their families. Tom has touched many lives by crafting exquisite handcrafted wood pieces, such as charcuterie boards and custom plaques, and donating all profits to charity. His commitment to giving back is matched by his dedication to ensuring his home and workshop remain operational, regardless of external circumstances. This led him to seek out a whole-home generator solution, entrusting Burgeson’s, a company with whom he has had a long-standing relationship, for the installation.

Problem: Power Outages Hindered Productivity and Comfort

The journey began in early 2021 when Tom identified a critical need for a reliable power source. The trigger was simple yet significant. Power outages affected his electric gates limiting access to his property and hindering daily activities. "Power outages were a real pain," Tom explained, "especially with electric gates. Losing power meant I couldn't even get into my property. And forget about working in my woodshop – no power, no tools." The moment of realization came during a phone call from his wife, who was unable to proceed with her yard work due to a power outage. This incident underscored the necessity for a permanent solution to power interruptions.

Choosing Burgeson’s: A Legacy of Trust

Tom’s decision to opt for Burgeson’s for the generator installation was rooted in a history of reliability and excellence. Having relied on Burgeson’s for heating and air services for approximately 23 years, Tom’s experience with their outstanding service and professional expertise made them the obvious choice for this crucial project. "They've always been reliable and professional," he said. "From the initial consultation to the final test run, everything went smoothly."

The Installation Process: A Testament to Efficiency

The installation process was a model of efficiency and professionalism. Steven Smith from Burgeson’s conducted a thorough assessment, promptly provided options, and orchestrated a timely installation schedule. Tom’s proactive involvement, including preparing the trench for gas and electrical connections, facilitated a seamless installation process that spanned just two to three days, demonstrating the efficiency and coordination of Burgeson’s electrical and plumbing teams.

Post-Installation Experience: Reliability in Action

Since the installation, the generator has proven its worth, activating during power outages and ensuring uninterrupted power supply to Tom’s home and workshop. With a 22kW Generac Whole-Home Generator, Tom has not only secured a robust power backup but also achieved a significant level of energy independence, crucial for his rural location. The generator efficiently meets both the household's needs and the demands of Tom's woodworking sho. Tom values Burgeson's commitment to fair service and personalized attention. "They don't try to oversell you," he said. "They just do what it takes to fix the problem right. That's why I've been a loyal customer for over 20 years, and I've recommended them to family and friends who are all happy with their service."

Beyond Power: A Commitment to Service and Integrity

Tom's story is a testament to the power of choosing the right partner for your home energy needs. His experience with Burgeson’s extends beyond the mere technical aspects of the installation. It is a narrative of trust, integrity, and mutual respect. Burgeson's combination of expertise, reliability, and personalized service gives their customers the peace of mind and comfort that comes with knowing their home is always protected. This relationship is built on the foundation of providing solutions that truly meet the customer’s needs, rather than just making a sale.