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What Does It Mean To Electrify Your Home?

By Your Advisor 1/3/24 6:55 AM Time to read:

With the push to live a more sustainable lifestyle, there are a number of options you have to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. Electrifying your home is one major way to live a greener existence — while also giving your wallet a break.

Electrifying a home is simply the process of replacing gas appliances with equipment that is powered by electricity. There are many benefits to making this move in your home, and most of your appliances are likely eligible for an electric upgrade:

  • The Benefits of Electrification for Southern California Homeowners
  • Switching from Gas to Electric Appliances
  • Why Investing in Solar Panels & Batteries Will Help You Save Even More

Switching to electric appliances and installing a solar panel system gives you more control over energy consumption and expenses.

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The Benefits of Electrification for Southern California Homeowners

Communities in California frequently lead the way with earth-friendly trends, so electrification of your SoCal home is on brand for the area. There are several benefits that you and your family can also experience if you choose to make the switch.

Money Savings Over Time

Modern electric appliances are proven to be 3 to 5 times more efficient than their gas counterparts. This means the amount of electricity used to run your household would be more cost-effective than if you continue using the gas-powered appliances you have currently.

Energy Independence

Gas appliances leave you at the mercy of suppliers with no easy way to supplement usage on your own. Making the switch to electrically run equipment opens the door to generating renewable energy, which can help offset reliance on your local utility company.

Moving Away from Fossil Fuels

If you have concerns about the drawbacks to being dependent on fossil fuels, trading out your gas appliances for electric can make quite a difference with respect to your fossil fuel needs.

Switching from Gas to Electric Appliances

Trading out your gas appliances for newer electric models may require a little investment up front, but the benefits easily outweigh the initial financial sacrifice.

Electric Heat Pump

An electric heat pump ensures you never have to worry about extinguished pilot lights or undetected gas leaks from your furnace. An electric heat pump is also more energy-efficient, saving you money over the long term.

Electric Water Heater

An electric water heater is slightly cheaper to purchase than a gas water heater. And even though the initial cost for an electric heat pump water heater is higher than the electric or gas-powered units, they will save you more in the long run due to their energy efficiency. What's more, electric options don't produce the carbon monoxide of gas heaters, making the unit safer for your family and lowering the installation price by eliminating the need for CO ventilation.

Electric Cooktop

An electric cooktop eliminates the open flame of a gas stove and applies energy directly to the bottom of your pan, reducing the time needed to bring your food up to temperature.

Electric Clothes Dryer

Your new electric clothes dryer will cost less to purchase and will be significantly easier to install without the need for a dedicated gas line. Electric options are also lower maintenance and often take up less space.

Electric Lawn Care Tools

Although electric lawn care tools are typically more expensive to purchase, they easily pay back the investment required by saving you money after using them for about five years.

Why Investing in Solar Panels & Batteries Will Help You Save Even More

Once you've switched to electric appliances, adding solar panels and backup batteries to your home can produce further savings by enabling you to generate your own electricity. This offsets the amount of electricity you need to purchase from your utility company and gives you an alternative solution during peak times when the price of electricity is typically the highest. This solution also reduces concerns about being able to use your appliances if there is a power outage by providing a convenient, quiet, generator-free backup source for your household.

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