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Ring In the Savings: The Holidays Are a Great Time for Home Improvement

Looking for another reason to enjoy some cheer this holiday season? Well, how about this: home service contractors offer BIG discounts on new systems and home improvement projects at the end of the year. 

How to Save a Fortune on Home Upgrades with Bundling

People tend to think of insurance or cable companies when they hear “bundling.” But some home service contractors also use bundling to help save their customers money. If you find the right contractor, you can save thousands of dollars on home upgrades, not to mention days or even weeks off the total project time frame.

5 Reasons Your Water Bill Is Too High

Has your water bill shot up, and you have no idea why? With rising costs across the board, no one wants to see an increase on another bill. So, if your water bill is higher than normal and the rise isn't due to rate changes, let’s review why it could be caused by one of the following issues: 

How Can I Prep My AC System For Summer?

The warm, summer months are the most demanding on your AC system. The higher outside temperatures make your AC work harder, which is why we see more AC repairs compared to other times of the year.

What’s the Cost to Install an Air Conditioner in Southern California?

The cost to install a central air conditioner in the Southern California area typically ranges from $4,000 to $20,000.

Get Quicker Hot Water with a Hot Water Recirculating Pump

How great would it be to have hot water ready to go the instant you turned on the shower or went to wash your hands in the sink? Sounds amazing, right?

Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air? A Southern California Tech Explains

If you feel warm air blowing from your vents when the AC is running, you likely have one of the following problems:

Spring Forward With Maintenance Programs

Springtime brings warm weather, blossoming flowers… and a long list of household to-dos.

Financing Options For Your Next Home Service Project

There’s no getting around it: home service projects can be expensive. Installing a new HVAC system, replacing a sewer line, or rewiring your home can easily cost thousands of dollars.  

How Much Does HVAC Maintenance Cost?

Need HVAC maintenance and wondering how much it will cost?